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Wii Fanboy @ EA Summer Showcase: Boogie Superstar

David Craddock

Gang wars and drive-bys are a thing of the past. In the modern world, anyone who's hip knows that disputes of all kinds are settled with dance-offs, grueling exhibitions designed to showcase swank clothing, swanker moves, and swankiest of all, the reward of shouting "You got served!" when you emerge victorious.

Yeah, dance-offs are awesome, but they're not always a vehicle with which to end long-running feuds. Sometimes, dance-offs can be used as friendly competition. If you're a pre-teen girl eager to groove with your girlfriends at the next big sleepover, EA's Boogie SuperStar should cure your craving to dance the night away.


The premise of Boogie SuperStar is that of a music bigwig looking for music's next great voice. Boogie begins with teens be-bopping to a beat before being whisked away to an island where they'll compete against peers for the top spot. The island's atmosphere is less cutthroat and intense, more giggle fest and pillow fights, and that is Boogie SuperStar's intention.

Just as one could theoretically sit on a couch and twitch the remote while playing Wii Sports, Boogie SuperStar could be played almost as lazily. But if you expend the energy to properly execute the dance moves, older gamers such as parents playing with their kids will find a surprising workout behind the game's teeny-bopper surface appeal. Boogie requires you to swing your arms, clap your hands, swivel your hips and... well, boogie. If you let loose and have fun, you'll enjoy the game more.

What's that you say? You're not down with all the teenagers' fancy dance moves? Boogie SuperStar realizes that not every player will be able to get jiggy with it, so the game will cater to your speed and occasionally encourage you to slow down or speed up if needed. Following along with the on-screen prompts builds your boogie bar, which allows you to execute special moves.

Over 40 tracks will be included with Boogie SuperStar and will span several genres and artists. No matter who your favorite artist is or your preferred style of music, you're sure to have more than a handful of tracks that will become party favorites. Each style requires a different set of dance moves, so bone up on your John Travolta and Patrick Swayze (or Britney Spears for you youngsters), as you'll have a nice variety of dance moves to perfect.

What fun would break dancing in front of virtual millions be if you had to command an avatar that looks nothing like you? A wide assortment of customization options are available to ensure that your digital character resembles you as closely as possible. If you'd rather not invest time in picking out the perfect outfit, pressing the 1 button summons a personal assistant who will pick out your entire wardrobe, just like your mother used to do for you every morning before school.

Boogie SuperStar is one part slumber party smash hit, one part decent workout. This is a game tailor-made for pre-teen girls, but anyone who feels like goofing off and making an utter fool of themselves will be hard-pressed to choose any other rhythm game over SuperStar. Look for the game to boogie onto your Wii this fall.

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