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X08: Cliff talks Gears 2's 'Seriously 2.0' achievement [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: We made a mistake! The Seriously 2.0 achievement's 100,000 kills are taken from EVERY game mode spread across the entire game. Meaning that every kill in campaign single or co-op, ranked or social multiplayer matches and even Horde games count towards the 100,000 kill finish line. Also, there will also be an achievement tracker notification that will randomly pop-up and update you on your Seriously 2.0 progress. Sorry for the confusion, we blame Xav ;)

While at today's Canadian X08 event, our own Xav de Matos had a chance to chit-chat it up with Epic's Cliff Bleszinski (lucky turd) and learned something very, very interesting about Gears of War 2's achievements. Specifically, Cliff confirmed that Gears 2 will include an upgraded achievement based on Gears of War's original "Seriously" achievement. The freshly new "Seriously 2.0" achievement will require a whopping 100,000 kills to unlock. Yes, you read correctly, 100,000! But fear not, the achievement task isn't what you think, because "Seriously 2.0"'s 100,000 kills come from both single and co-op campaign gaming as well as all multiplayer modes including Horde. So, no multiplayer kills will count. We say, bring on the Locust and give us our second helping of Seriously Gamerscore.

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