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Bungie clears up Halo 3 rumors, reveals matchmaking updates

Dustin Burg

The latest Bungie Weekly Update is an informative "doosy", chock full of matchmaking playlist updates, a title update release date, PAX 2008 plans and some rumor squashing. So, let's dive in.

First on the list of Bungie news, some rumor squashing. According to team Bungie, the Halo 3 acceptance videos that fans across the internets have picked apart and analyzed have been picked apart and analyzed way too much. Bluntly put, Bungie informs us that "there will be no insertion of Campaign objects, enemies or friendlies via the Forge as folks have speculated" and that there will be no "new feature that implements Campaign objects into multiplayer." Bungie then gives everyone some life advice, telling us all to "calm yourselves down, pump the brakes, and take a breath." Consider us calmed, breathed and our brakes pumped.

Other than some rumor busting, there's a list of September Halo 3 matchmaking updates (the removal and addition of various playlists) and confirmation that, come September 16th, the second Halo 3 title update will be released. Finally, for PAX attendees, Bungie plans on doing a few autograph signings, a few Recon competitions and selling a limited number of PAX-exclusive Bungie t-shirts. Phew! We're out of breath, make the jump to get your weekly (double) dose of Bungie news ...

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