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Erling Ellingson confirms Age of Conan subscriber numbers, says thankyou

Adrian Bott

In another video from, again recorded over at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Erling Ellingson addresses the Age of Conan community directly. As we'd noted, there was debate as to whether the figure of 415,000 subscribers mentioned in the Funcom quarterly report presentation referred to August 14th or June 30th, but in this interview Ellingson has now confirmed AoC's active subscriber numbers as over 400,000. Working from the figure of 800,000 boxes sold, that gives a clear retention figure of around 50% right now.

As well as talking at length about how good the launch was (yes, Erling, we know) Ellingson proceeds to reassure the audience that he and the other developers won't be resting on their laurels. He's obviously read the forums between giving these interviews, as two of the biggest issues are mentioned specifically: the PvP patch is due 'any moment now, cross your fingers' and the memory leak (arguably the biggest issue of all as it impacts even those who love the game as it is) is getting plenty of attention. There's also a flying mention of the new Funcom MMO, The Secret World.

Check out the video after the cut. By the way, at time of writing, the video had been mistakenly captioned as a Warhammer Online interview. Whoops.

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