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Picwing intros social digital picture frame


Internet-connected digital photo frames are hardly rarefied device they once were, but upstart Picwing looks to be aiming quite a bit higher than most with its new eponymously-named device, with it focusing as much attention on its software and photo-sharing site as on the hardware. The frame itself is essentially a Linux-based computer (exact specs are a bit light at the moment, apart from built-in WiFi and a 7-inch display), and the company is quick to admit that, in its current state, it's "the equivalent of the Apple I, not the Apple II," with each one actually assembled by the founders themselves. That also accounts for the frame's somewhat high $249 price tag, which the company promises will be cut down as they ramp up production. It's also promising to add more features as it moves to a more finalized version, with piped RSS feeds high up on its to-do list, along with email, messaging, and VoIP. Certainly one to watch, and if you're ready to take the plunge on the current version, you can get your order in by hitting up the link below right now.

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