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M2E says it will deliver cellphone-charging motion power device in 2009


We haven't heard a whole lot from M2E Power since it burst onto the scene last year with promises of powering your gadgets with movement, but the company now says that it's made some real progress with its wonder device, and it's claiming that it'll actually be available sometime next year. According to the company, the charger will let you get about 30 to 60 minutes of talk time on your cellphone after six hours of cumulative motion, and you'll of course be able to use it with other gadgets as well. As you can see above, the charger unit can also simply be plugged into an outlet to be topped off if you need a slightly quicker fix. What's more, M2E also says that it has had discussions with some unspecified cellphone makers to build the generator directly into a phone, although it says it'll take "at least two years" before something like that is commercially available.

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