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Cary Audio Designs ships award-winning Cinema 11v video scaler

Steven Kim

Cary Audio Design's Cinema 11v video processor was shown off at last year's CEDIA, but it's finally getting its debut party at CEDIA 2008 next week. Don't think the unit hasn't been busy, though -- in the interim, it's been doing some kind of sci-fi time travel shenanigans and picked up a "2008 Product of the Year" award. Leaving aside the issue of general availability, we thought there were plenty of days left in the year. The Faroudja DCDi-powered unit promises to be the "highest-performing video scaler/switcher/processor available," which we think the folks at Silicon Optix might take issue with. The Cinema 11v certainly looks a treat (in a simple way), and sports six HDMI 1.3 inputs and a pair of outputs that can pump out a 120-Hz, 1080p signal sourced from composite, component, RGB or HDMI inputs.

[Via Widescreen Review]

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