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Room correction finally trickles down the Anthem lineup

Steven Kim

Until now, if you were a "separates-only" sort of person with a yen for Anthem gear, the only way to get room correction for your audio was to spring for a Statement D1 or D2 preamp-processor. And wouldn't you know, the "Statement" name doesn't come with a budget price. But now the Anthem Room Correction (ARC) feature has come downstream to the AVM 40 and D50 preamp-processors. Granted, with Anthem gear "downstream" is a relative term, but we've to figure that if you're going the separates route then pricing isn't the biggest concern for you. One thing we do like seeing is that this new functionality is being made available to all AVM 40 and 50 owners as a retrofit. Now when was the last time your "future-proof" receiver got an upgrade like that?

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