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TiVo + Entertainment Weekly suggested recordings = ?


Look TiVo, it's not like we enjoy having you on deathwatch, so the next thing we want to hear about is HD Amazon Unbox rentals, or a do everything tru2way box or...something. Direct marketing via our set-top box and this latest announcement -- automatic recordings based on suggestions from Time Warner's (the parent company of this blog) Entertainment Weekly -- just aren't cutting it. Broadband-enabled TiVo users can subscribe to EW's "What to Watch" picks and download video clips to watch on their TV. As much as we enjoy telling ( and being told) what to watch, most of us have a good idea of what we'd like to see on TV already. As part of a strategy it claims as a way to differentiate itself from generic cable & satellite DVRs it's already regarded as being significantly better than, it's not very inspiring.

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