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TiVo completes hat-trick of profitable quarters, then slips

Steven Kim

It's hard to believe that TiVo has been with us for 11-years, and even harder to understand how it's managed to hang around all that time with only three profitable quarters. TiVo closed out its second profitable quarter in a row on July 31st, but don't call off that deathwatch just yet -- the company followed up the good news with a gloomy Q3 forecast to the tune of a $7M - $9M net loss, and revenue below expectations. Mounting competition from cable and satellite operator is eating into the DVR pie, and getting things up and running with Comcast has been painfully slow. For TiVo's sake, we hope that things with Cox and Australia's Seven go a whole lot better, because cutting marketing costs to profitability in the competitive DVR market doesn't sound like a viable long-term strategy to us.

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