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Renegade Kid releases art for mysterious new game


Dementium: The Ward and Moon developers Renegade Kid have announced that they're partnering again with Gamecock for their next game. The platform isn't explicitly specified for this new project (nor is anything else), but Renegade Kid has references to their "next original title for the Wii" in job postings, and only the Wii and DS logos appear on their website, so it's a fairly short logical jump to assign this new game to the Wii.

The new game is based on "one of the biggest horror icons of all time," and, like the platform, it doesn't seem too hard to figure out. The cool stencil-style teaser art features a caped character, a full moon, and a bunch of bats. The Gamecock logo is even sporting some little fangs! Also the character appears to have Texas for a hand, but that may not be related to the character's lore.

[Via IGN]

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