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Guild Wars 2 lore to be told in book series

Shawn Schuster

At the Penny Arcade Expo yesterday afternoon, ArenaNet played host to a jam-packed Raven Theater within the Washington Convention Center for their panel entitled "Three Years of Guild Wars" where attendees were treated to the history of the game and an open Q&A session regarding the current and future state of the game.

Yet possibly even more exciting was a small tidbit of news we got from Chris Lye, ArenaNet's Director of Marketing, regarding Guild Wars 2. The team is working with Pocket Books (a division of Simon & Schuster) for a three-book series that will fill in the lore gaps within the 250-year period between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Stay tuned to Massively for more on this series and any other Guild Wars 2 news we may uncover.

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