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New iPod touch casually leaked in Best Buy weekly ad?

Darren Murph

First comes smoke, then comes flames a-blazin'. Shortly after hearing that Apple was gearing up to unveil a new iPod nano (at the very least) on September 9th, in flies a curious Best Buy ad that could be evidence of a tweaked iPod touch. According to our tipster, the image in the ad and the image on Best Buy's website are ever-so-slightly different, and while we'd typically pass this off as the result of a fading ink cartridge, we've been expecting new touches for months now. Just a few days left until we figure out what's really going on here.

[Thanks, Samm]

Update: As a few folks pointed out, it seems the image is a touch on the ancient side. Still, we know new iPod touches are coming in our hearts -- we can just feel it.

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