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PAX08: WAR's Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman interviewed, page two

Kyle Horner

Paul: I mean, you've (Kyle Horner) been in our beta for how long?

Massively: June of last year.

Paul: What's been your experience of about how we've run it?

Massively: Well exactly, in a feature I wrote -- the WAR memoirs feature -- that's exactly what I said. Assuming that's what happens moving forward and there's no reason not to believe otherwise.

Massively: In the last three to eight months it's just been update, after update, after update.

Jeff: It will continue that way. I can tell you we are already working on stuff for the live game, already.

Massively: And there's been a lot of communication of the updates.

Jeff: It's like, if you look at all of our unique selling points and first we look at it and say: We've got public quests and we've got RvR, we've got all these things. Then we look at how our players have reacted to them in beta and it's like, "Yes, Public Quests are a winner, let's focus more attention on that!" We're going to make them deeper, better and more attractive. Oh my god, RvR of course. It's a winner!

Massively: Yeah.

Jeff: I mean, boom! Huge.

Massively: Oh yeah.

Jeff: We're going to do more stuff with RvR, you can guarantee it. Tome of Knowledge, same way. Oh my god, we're going to go deeper and broader with the Tome of Knowledge and do some stuff that's just gonna blow people's minds.

Massively: Awesome. Lets see. What would either of you love to see make it into the game that hasn't survived. That just couldn't be done.

Paul: Orbital satellite strikes from the chaos moon.

Massively: Woah.

Paul: We wanted to do them, but they're a really big thing and the problem we have with those sorts of mechanics is that they have a terrifying effect on RvR. With the reduction in capital cities in order to have two fantastic cities the big super things, they're going to have to wait. Mega artillery is going to have to wait. The mega artillery that we always wanted in -- and have the designs for -- that we basically had to pull back on, if we ever get 'round to it and get it balanced, putting back in satellite strikes from the chaos moon would be my big pick.

Massively: Cool!

Jeff: I have a lot of little things that I'd love to see go in. I'm not saying they're going to but if I had my way and a lot of times I do, I'd love to see them in the game. So things like characters that change as you progress through the game, which was something we talked about a lot, we have a plan for and we know what the design is, it's possible to do. I'd love to see if we can make it happen. We might not get to do it. I think that at some point doing an RvR dungeon like we did in Darkness Falls in Dark age of Camelot is a slam-dunk for our game, so one of the things we've talked about a lot that I'd love to see go in.

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