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Exclusive WAR in-game item to be released with C&C: Red Alert 3

James Egan

So you're one of the lucky few -- well one of 60,000 anyway -- who got your hands on the Warhammer Online Collector's Edition, and without any of the order snags people have been reporting. Well congratulations! You've got the Greenskin miniature, the graphic novel, the art book, the virtual items and the exclusive quests. So now you can sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that you have the most badass collection of Warhammer Online gear ever assembled, both in-game and out.... right?

Actually, wrong. For the Warhammer Online player who simply must have everything, there's one more step to go as it turns out. There's another exclusive in-game item called "Korssar's Helm" that allows you to transform into a bear. The catch? You need to order, or pre-order, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 to get the WAR item...

We're not sure how well this will sit with Warhammer Online CE owners, but we'd be remiss if we didn't at least toss this out there. WAAAGH! Hammer reports that Electronic Arts is doing this as part of a cross-promotional deal, and links to the C&C pre-order page at Gamestop to back it up. (We've noticed that the standard Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 box comes with Korssar's Helm as well, so it's not necessary to shell out for the C&C Premier Edition if you really want the WAR item.) We suspect that the news will be turning some screams of "Waaagh!" to just "Aaagh!", but does this sort of thing really matter to you? Is this frustrating to you as a Warhammer Online CE buyer?

[Thanks, Zak.]

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