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IOGEAR's DVI Net ShareStation networks one display for multiple users

Darren Murph

While we imagine that some folks are sick and tired of fighting over the sole display in the house, some people out there are looking for a reason to quarrel over the biggest one. IOGEAR's DVI Net ShareStation is here to help, providing one display with an Ethernet connection so that any and all computers on the same network can battle for it share. Debuting at CEDIA, the tiny box includes a DVI / VGA adapter and an Ethernet jack, and it supports streamed resolutions up to 1,600 x 1,200. Furthermore, users who just want to add an external display to their system can do so by simply connecting the device to a USB port. It's available now for $199.95, and the release can be seen in full by clicking through below.

IOGEAR's New DVI Net ShareStation Enhances Digital Signage and Networking Display Needs

IOGEAR also announces availability of Powerline Stereo Audio System

Denver, Colorado – CEDIA – September 2, 2008 – With IOGEAR's DVI Net ShareStation, multiple users on a network can now share information, such as work presentations or signage displays, using one monitor. The product will be on display at the CEDIA EXPO, September 3-6, 2008 at booth # 468.

Users simply connect the DVI Net ShareStation to the desired monitor with the included DVI / VGA adapter, and plug the device into an Ethernet network to establish communication with other computers on the network. Reducing cable clutter and eliminating short distance limitation, the product allows digital signage professionals to share displays from a central location without installing expensive wiring. The device is a cost-effective solution for expanding networking video while maintaining high-quality resolutions (up to 1600 x 1200). Installers can use this device to outfit a small office or home to allow up to six users on a network to access one monitor for viewing work documents or family video. Users can also add an external display to their system by connecting the product to a USB port.

IOGEAR is also announcing the availability of its Powerline Stereo Audio System, a cost-effective solution to stream music through the household via powerlines. The product consists of a docking station, which can play CDs, cell phones, iPods and MP3 players, and a receiver to place anywhere throughout the home. By connecting the receiver to an independently-powered speaker, individuals can distribute lossless audio to any desired location in the house or even to an outside patio, up to 990 feet, to entertain guests.

"At IOGEAR, we recognize the need for innovative tools that simplify work spaces and enrich new-age homes at a low cost," said Miranda Su, executive vice president at IOGEAR. "Our DVI Net ShareStation and Powerline Stereo Audio System are great additions to our product family and further our commitment to excellence for
consumer-friendly digital solutions."

The products are available immediately from all major catalog and online resellers, as well as select retail outlets. The DVI Net ShareStation ($199.95 MSRP) comes with IOGEAR's three-year warranty. Consumers can pick up the Powerline Stereo Audio System for $379.95 with a standard three-year warranty. These products and more innovative A/V solutions from IOGEAR will be on display at the CEDIA EXPO 2008 at booth # 468.

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