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AT&T to supplement Bold with BlackBerry Curve 8320

Chris Ziegler

Who ever said the WiFi-laden BlackBerry Curve 8320 had to be a T-Mobile exclusive? AT&T certainly ain't hearing that, according to some colorful paperwork outed by Boy Genius Report, which should give BlackBerry upgraders and first-timers alike a less expensive alternative to the Bold when it launches stateside in the next handful of weeks (or so we all hope). Launch on this one is targeted for the last week of September, presumably replacing the 8300 dressed up in a rather conservative "sapphire blue" that should satisfy suits and personal users alike -- and we're willing to bet that a handful of current Curve owners are going to see the addition of WiFi as reason enough to take the plunge. There's no pricing on this one yet, but somewhere between $0 and the Bold's sticker is definitely a safe guess.

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