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Canon posts up 1.0.9 firmware update for EOS Rebel XSi

Darren Murph

By and large, Canon's EOS Rebel XSi was widely adored. Still, even the fanboys in attendance can't deny that firmware updates that solve any number of quirks are loved just the same. Canon has just posted up firmware v1.0.9 for the aforesaid DSLR, which purportedly fixes three primary issues. The 7.81MB download addresses a "phenomenon in which AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) shooting does not operate normally under specific conditions," another in which "the Live View exposure simulation warning indication does not properly display during Live View shooting, and yet another in which "images cannot be played back after continuous shooting when a printer is connected to the camera or a video output terminal is used." Tap that read link to get your download on, and be sure to let us know if this update actually works as advertised.

[Via CNET]

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