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Clothe your outer geek with the new JiNX fall shirtage

Kevin Kelly

J!NX unveiled its new fall line of clothing (read: mostly geek shirts, and a few hoodies) during the clamorous din of PAX, and we thought we'd pass it along to you. They don't have much directly in the way of video gaming except for the old-school shirt above, but it's pretty darn 8-bitty.

So, it's you're looking for more geekwear, hit the link and start shopping. Although, are geek t-shirts about to hit the "enough already" stage? It seems like everywhere you go there's a "Wish You Were Beer," or a "Darth Vader Does It On The Dark Side" shirt. In the future, archaeologists will dig up people clothed in these shirts and think we were either highly evolved, or incredibly stupid.

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