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Motorola's MOTOJEWEL has a surprising number of vowels

Chris Ziegler

Anyone who's been jonesing for a U9 with a little more style look no further than the MOTOJEWEL, a new clamshell Motorola's bringing to the UK this fall that's being billed as "a phone so sassy that users will wish they could wear it." What then, pray tell, makes it so sassy? Well, that's an open subject of debate -- but we're guessing it's mostly the "3D crystal-cut design" that rings the mirrored Midnight Quartz shell to give it that jeweled look and the "dazzling" purple keypad that you won't find on your garden variety U9. Otherwise, though, the specs are sounding mighty familiar: 2-megapixel cam, external touch-sensitive music controls, stereo Bluetooth, Motorola's CrystalTalk noise reduction -- you know the drill -- and unless Moto pulled a fast one on us and slipped in some 3G, it's likely packing quadband EDGE. Look for this little gem (see what we did there?) as a Carphone Warehouse limited edition exclusive starting in November.

[Via MobileBurn]

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