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Three new Team Ninja action titles headed for TGS


Under the new leadership of Fatal Frame alumni Jin Hasegawa, Tecmo's Itagaki-less Team Ninja is poised to unveil its latest titles at Tokyo Game Show, IGN reports. Newly appointed Tecmo president Yasuhara Kakihara began a press conference in Tokyo today with an announcement that the studio has three new action games aimed at a "worldwide audience" prepped for TGS, which gets underway on October 9.

Tecmo has also firmed up its US release schedule for the rest of 2008, which includes the M.I.A. Wii title, Rygar: The Battle of Argus, listed for December. The remainder of the publisher's '08 slate includes: Robocalypse (DS, 10/28), SPRay (Wii, 10/28), and Tecmo Bowl Kickoff (DS, November).

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