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Fly Mobile's E310 Attitude takes a stroll into the FCC's office

Chris Ziegler

And now, a dispatch from our "we'd be gaga over it with a 3G radio" department: Fly Mobile's E310 Attitude slider has slid on through the FCC's testing process, blessing it with a sort of cheap, neo-Chocolate look and feel that'd make LG proud. Truth be told, we can't tell if that's a good thing without getting our hands on the phone, but we'll admit, there's something intriguing to us about it from the cold, clinical shots the FCC is giving us -- and the hidden d-pad below the display is still pretty trick for the low-cost segment that Fly is trying to target. It's got a 3.2-megapixel camera, integrated FM radio, TV-out, Bluetooth, and microSDHC support; on the downside, the GPRS data leaves a musty taste in our mouths, but hey, at least it's of the quadband variety.

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