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New iPod Touch, nano dimensions leaked?


The event is real, and that of course brings with it the usual flood of rumors and speculation. Latest off the rumor mill assembly line is supposedly the leaked dimensions of a new iPod Touch and nano -- iLounge has their hands on what they claim are dimensional drawings of the new iPod nano and a "Touch 2G," which, as you might guess, is an iPod Touch redesigned with iPhone 3G specs in mind. We'd say that you should make sure to take the requisite grain of salt with these, but with all the rumors Apple fans end up eating, we're kind of worried about your blood pressure by now. Better stay away from this one -- we'll know next week whether it's real or not.

We should say, though, that the nano design does look similar to the one originally posted by Kevin Rose a little while ago, which gives credence to both rumors. On the other hand, if someone was manufacturing dimensional drawings and claiming they were real, wouldn't they make them line up to the majority of the rumors so far?

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