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Panasonic & Comcast to demonstrate "real" tru2way at CEDIA


Those heading to CEDIA, keep your eyes peeled for something never before seen: a Panasonic tru2way plasma connected to the local Comcast cable system. Despite some differing opinions on the two-way cable standard, actually seeing it working off of the same line that could be running to your living room is a big step. On deck for CEDIA is a display of the Comcast EPG and TV on-demand. The downside is all that functionality could add up to a $300 or so premium over non-tru2way HDTVs, although cable companies could help pick up some of that tab with promotions and rebates. We'll get to decide if it's worth it soon, Panasonic VP Bob Perry told CEPro we can expect the 50-incher on display to hit shelves in time for the holiday season.

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