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WAR Preview Weekend attendees can start playing Friday, September 5th

James Egan

We'll keep this short and sweet. Anyone who was part of the Warhammer Online Preview Weekend can join in on "Preview Weekend+." Tomorrow. That's right. Friday, September 5th, for North American Preview Weekend attendees. Warhammer Online's Community Coordinator James Nichols made this announcement today:


WAR is Coming and the world is ready. Hundreds of thousands of players will descend upon the Age of Reckoning this Sunday, September 7th. In order to make this world-wide event the best it can be we're welcoming all Preview Weekend attendees back for two more days to rev things up and get the party started. We invite all Preview Weekend players to join us for Preview Weekend+ this Friday, 9/5 and Saturday, 9/6 starting tomorrow morning.

This epic weekend will be one to remember as you herald in Open Beta and the Age of Reckoning to the entire world! The tides of WAR are coming...we'll see you on the battlefield!"

There you have it. We haven't received word on what time, exactly, the servers will open up, but since they've stated "tomorrow morning"... it might be time to call in 'sick' and have yourself a 3-day WAR weekend.

Thanks Tom and Zak.

Edit: It seems that Preview Weekend + will not include WAR's European player base. This post will be updated if that situation changes.

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