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It's-a Mario World: Koopa Kids


Lately we have found ourselves pondering the Koopa family lineage in all of its complexity. Bowser seems to have outdone himself in the procreation department, but no one seems to know who mothered his children. It seems likely that Princess Peach did at least some of the laboring, given the amount of time she has spent in captivity with Bowser, but Bowletta or Kammy Koopa could have just as easily nursed a Koopaling or two. Details of intimacy between King Koopa and females in the Mushroom Kingdom remain relatively obscured. Regardless, we know that at least 8 children were born to him and his anonymous bedmate(s), with dozens more probably carrying the Koopa genes.

Of course, the Koopa kids first appeared in the famed Super Mario Bros. 3. After two subsequent SNES games they vanished for ten years (excluding games like Hotel Mario, which no one really played anyway) until resurfacing in 2003's Game Boy Advance RPG, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, albeit without any dialogue or consequence to the main plot. We are left wondering how they dropped from the radar so abrupty, and why they have recently been condensed into the new Koopaling on the block, Bowser Jr. While such questions might be attributed to marketing and sales the phases of the moon, we can still pay homage to the classic Koopa kids in our new gallery.
It's-a Mario World is a weekly feature in which the ubiquity of Nintendo's flagship character is celebrated: We'll incessantly ruminate about mustache wax, debate the curious whereabouts of the princess and covet the luminous power stars strewn about the galaxy. Check back here every Friday to find out what strange and wonderful thing has got us tipping our caps.

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