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How to get to Altdorf, Ekrund, the Blighted Isle, or Nordland at level 1

Michael Zenke

You've jumped into Warhammer Online, and you're ready to go. You've picked your class and you're happy with your class mechanics ... but perhaps you don't want to play in your race's assigned tiers. Or maybe you just want to head to the mighty human city of Altdorf. We hear it's lovely this time of year. Heading to the Order capital city or one of the other starting zones is as easy as hiking to the first RvR War Camp in your starting zone ... but where is that? If you've never played before, how do you know?

Well, we've got what you need. Click through below the cut for full details and maps on how to get to the first war camps in Nordland, the Blighted Isle, and the zone of Ekrund. Make sure you tell the Dwarven flight masters that Massively sent you!


The Nordland War Camp

The Nordland War Camp is the shortest hike almost due North from the starting area. When you hit the Grey Lady, head up the Northeast road until you see the cutout on your right. You'll have to walk through another encampment to get to the camp, but the dwarf is hard to miss. Look for the big white landing pad area and his little kiosk. Some nearby coordinates are 26514, 19548.

The Blighted Isle War Camp

The Blighted Isle is a long walk to the south of the High Elf starting area. Follow the path down through Chapter 2, trying to avoid the Cold Ones in the woods. Once you're past that area the road down to the beach should be clear of opponents. You'll know you're almost there when you see the roadsign pointing in two different positions near the southern end of the landmass. The flight master is right next to the elven ship on the bay. Nearby coordinates for your convenience: 45538, 49807.

The Ekrund War Camp

The Dwarves don't have the longest run to the first war camp, but it is the most perilous. Head out of the hold and into the open air by hooking around to the right from the starting area. Cross the bridge (avoiding the gobbos and orcs as best you can) and go past the Public Quest fortress on your right. You'll pass through a tunnel, and then go past a brewery on your right. Once you're past the brewery, you're going to be walking on a set of rails and right into the middle of another Public Quest. Do your best to avoid the goblins here, they'll eat you alive at level 1. Once past the derailed train cars head up the short incline into the camp. The flight master is a sharp left and up the hill. Use these nearby coordinates to get there: 55874, 16253.

Once you've made it to the first war camp, it's as easy as checking out the flight master to gain passage to the other starting areas or the city of Altdorf. Altdorf's flight master is just to the North of the Central Market, making it perfectly positioned to get players to their destination of choice. Good luck!

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