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Five iPhone apps for football junkies

Lisa Hoover
With apologies to our friends across the pond who have their own take on what "football" really is, the first full day of a new season of American football got underway yesterday with a whole host of league games that stretched late into the night. The only thing better than watching a football game is having some really cool football-related apps on your iPhone or iPod touch while you watch. Keep reading to learn more about my favorite five apps.

Pro Football Live - Here's where to go for all the latest updates, scores, and news around the NFL. Customize your own page to the upcoming schedules of your favorite teams and the latest photos from around the league. Individual team page give great breakdowns of team and individual stats on every game -- including preseason. If you're a stats junkie, this is the app for you.

Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '08 - Keep track of everything that's going down with your players and team with this cool app. It's got the rankings of 400 players and their defenses, so you can easily through data while you assemble your draft wish list. Search players by name or team, and choose the My Team tab for instant info on how your players are doing. Sweet.

AP Top25 College Football 2008 - Not strictly related to the NFL, of course, but how else would I keep track of how well West Virginia played (or not) this week, and how those Heisman candidates are looking? Use this app to get weekly AP poll info, view team progress and scores, get rankings, and even view photos of recent games.

Paper Football Lite - Jonesing for a football fix but stuck at the office? Play a few quick rounds of Paper Football instead. It's not the same thing as a fun game of pickup in the backyard, but it'll do in a pinch.

Don't have an iPod touch or iPhone? Not to worry, I've got you covered.

UPDATE: I pulled an app at the last minute and, as an eagled-eyed reader who counts better than I noticed, that knocks the count down to four. For an extra App-By-Default, check out comment #4. :-)

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