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More NCsoft layoff rumors: it's Europe this time

Adrian Bott

With a report spookily similar to those that surfaced recently about the NCsoft Austin offices, is reporting that NCsoft Europe in Brighton, England may be about to shed staff. According to the report, 'a number of sources close to the company' have stated that about 50 positions would be lost, following a decision to cancel an as-yet unnamed MMO project, presumably that for which some concept art had already appeared.

The report also makes a claim that will undoubtedly have Tabula Rasa fans up in arms: 'It is also thought that the company's troubled MMO Tabula Rasa will be discontinued at some point in the coming months due to continuing poor subscriber numbers.' As devotees of the game will know, this isn't the first time rumors have surfaced concerning the future of Tabula Rasa. Last time around, those rumors weren't ever addressed. Tabula Rasa players have been working hard to encourage new players to try the game, and we hope for their sake that this latest report is inaccurate.

Last time rumors circulated about an NCsoft office being under threat, the reality - though unpleasant - turned out to be substantially less severe than reports had anticipated. An official comment from NCsoft is expected within the next 24 hours; we'll be watching for any news.

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