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One For All debuts Xsight / Protecto remote lines

Darren Murph

Still haven't found a universal remote to match your style? If not, have a look at the latest from One For All. The Xsight line, consisting of the Touch (€199; $281) and Color (€149; $210), boasts a 2.2-inch color display, touch-slide navigation, control for up to 18 devices and a web-based programming process that's reportedly easy enough for a caveman to handle. If you're looking for something really unusual, the Protecto line shouldn't disappoint. The display-less universals feature backlit keys, the ability to control up to 4 devices and a rubberized design that keeps 'em from cracking under the pressures of kids and weekly NFL parties. Clearly aimed at the low-end, these range from just €19.99 ($28) to €29.99 ($43) and should hit stores (at least across the pond) later this month.

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