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Steamwheedle holds a Dance of the Dead next month


We always love to hear about cool roleplay events, and it looks like there's a particularly cool one coming up over on Steamwheedle (Horde-side) on October 11th. Their Caer Darrow inspired Dance of the Dead looks like it's got a lot going on -- a costume contest, a dueling event, some fortune telling and a midnight toast. But they have a couple events that really raise the bar for organizing a roleplay extravaganza -- a "Corrupt a Wish" contest and a Wild Hunt. The Corrupt a Wish seems cool. You make a wish in two sentences, and a winner is chosen to have the wish come true. (I imagine they want you to keep it reasonable, though.) The trick comes in that your wish gets twisted into a nightmare version.

The even cooler event, though, is the Wild Hunt. They've captured some Alliance members (volunteer roleplayers), who've been stripped of their uber gear. Through the night, the Alliance will be released into the wild, wearing only some gray and white items. The Horde will go on a Wild Hunt to find and kill the Alliance members. To complicate the hunt, the Alliance victims do have allies -- rescuers who're wandering the Plaguelands looking for their lost kin.

This event looks really well-planned, and it makes me wish I had an Alliance character myself on Steamwheedle. You can contact Banshih for more details if you're Horde, or Charam if you're Alliance.

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