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Daily Cooking quests from the Wrath beta

Alex Ziebart

We've added the Cooking quests from a recent Wrath of the Lich King beta patch to our Wrath Cooking gallery, and I have to say that I've really enjoyed them so far. The quests are more involved and entertaining than the ones from The Burning Crusade, I think. They require more than running to your guild bank, withdrawing 4 Warp Burgers, then depositing whatever random meat you get out of your crate.

They have sort of a fun dynamic: You're helping the chef in your faction's inn supply meals for the denizens of Dalaran. You generally don't need to travel all over the world gathering materials or anything like that. Most of your supplies are right there within Dalaran, and you deliver your meals as needed. You need to pop down into Crystalsong Forest to beat up a few animals for some of the quests, but that only requires clicking on a crystal to deliver you down below Dalaran. If you want to, you can even stock up on the Chilled Meat some of these require. By the time you've leveled to 80 you'll probably already have a ton of it since it drops off of almost every beast in Northrend.

I'm not sure why, but it feels much more satisfying to assemble meals right there in/around Dalaran rather than flying around the entirety of Outland gibbing killer birds and using demons as fire. You would think the whole 'I cooked this upon the corpse of a demon' dynamic would be the more entertaining of the two.

These are daily quests, and at the level cap they reward roughly 15 gold and a Dalaran Cooking Award which is used as currency for buying new recipes.

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