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Link's Price Slashing


We thought that when the Wii Zapper bundle was released, Nintendo fans would hang on to Link's Crossbow Training and dump the included plastic handle, but it appears that the opposite is true. GameStop has just dropped the price of used copies of Link's Crossbow Training from five bucks to a ridiculous $2.99. The retailer is not currently offering used Zappers on their online store.

At the amazingly low (seriously, like last year's Madden low) $2.99, Link's Crossbow Training is officially Worth It for pretty much everybody, provided they have even a passing interest in the Zelda series or in shooting at stuff. And with no Zapper, it's so much more compact! If you're planning to grab this from the online store, use coupon code CAG16 (for Cheap Ass Gamers) to get an additional 16% off the price.

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