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SlingPlayer Mobile now UIQ-friendly, Windows version hits 2.0 beta

Darren Murph

In case you haven't noticed, today's a pretty big day for Sling Media. Not monumentally large or anything, but decently sized, we reckon. Of course, if you're a placeshifter and a UIQ user, you may disagree vehemently. Announced today, said company has unveiled a SlingPlayer Mobile version compatible with the UIQ interface on Symbian OS phones from Motorola and Sony Ericsson. For those out of the loop, said app will give Slingbox users the ability to "watch and control their home TV from a network-connected mobile phone." In related news, the freshest SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0 has launched as a public beta, and with it comes a live video buffer, "The Guide," SlingRemote and a bevy of different viewing modes. Take advantage of that broadband connection while you still can -- get to downloadin'!

[Via SlingCommunity]
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