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New Xbox Experience relaunch was lies, all lies

Dustin Burg

Earlier in the week, rumor spread quickly across the internets regarding Microsoft's supposed plans to hold a five hour long New Xbox Experience relaunch event aired on G4 TV. An event that would celebrate the rollout of the Fall update, usher in free games, new game announcements and excitement galore. Well, that was total balderdash. Fake, fake, fake!

G4's own Adam Sessler confirmed the fact that the network and Microsoft have no plans for an event later this month, going as far as to dedicate his latest episode of "Sessler's Soapbox" to the topic specifically (vid after the break). Sessler not only denies the baseless (but totally awesome) rumor, but goes on to discuss politics and how irresponsible the media can be by not investigating or looking for answers. Damn the media. We always disliked those media folks.

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