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RCN "unfurls digital freedom" to Pennsylvania subscribers

Darren Murph

RCN has been delivering the Analog Crush in a number of its markets, but this particular one was just too succulent to pass up. According to the carrier, it has "unfurled digital freedom" on its Delaware County, Pennsylvania subscribers, loosing them from the bondage that is analog. Starting next month, the company will begin transitioning said market to all-digital service, enabling it to "reclaim existing analog channels, improve the picture quality, make the network easier to maintain, and dramatically increase the number of standard and HD channels it can offer to subscribers." If RCN CEO and President Peter Aquino isn't blowing smoke, the outfit will be able to "increase its HD channels to more than 75 channels at launch -- with many more on the way." Man, maybe "unfurl" was the best explanation.

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