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eeeMac runs OS X on an even smaller portable than the Air


I've heard some great things about the tiny little eeePC, but this is the best thing I've heard so far: it can be a Mac. Twitterer Gregory Cohen has pictures on Picasa of his completed eeeMac, an eeePC transformed (perhaps in similar fashion to this previous attempt -- details please, Gregory) into an OS X-running ultraportable, complete with a tiny little lit Apple logo on the back.

Pretty hot. As slim as the MacBook Air is, Asus' unit is even smaller. And it's super cheap, too -- we haven't heard how much this little transformation cost, but considering the eeePC sells at retail for 1/3 of the Air's price, odds are that even tons of modding won't set you back as much as a kitted-out Air. Apple wouldn't be thrilled with it, but you have to admit, that's one good-looking little ultraportable.

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