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Epoq Multimedia unveils EPT-LC7AT / EDP-AT02 "portable HDTVs"

Darren Murph

Epoq Multimedia doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to delivering quality wares, so we'd be wary about believing the claims bestowed upon its latest two. Reportedly, the EPT-LC7AT ($279) is a "portable HDTV," though last we checked, a 480 x 230 resolution display wasn't eligible for HD status. Still, the integrated ATSC tuner and rechargeable Li-ion are nice touches, but we have all ideas the 7-inch screen won't be worth writing home about. Moving on, we've got the EDP-AT02 ($249), which is billed as a portable LCD TV / digiframe combo that also touts a 7-inch display, ATSC tuner, multicard slot and a multimedia player. For what it's worth, we're also hearing that a 10-inch 800 x 480 EPT-LC10AT could be landing alongside these two before long. Color us overjoyed.

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