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Microsoft fires tester for speaking out about red rings

Justin McElroy

When tester Robert Delaware spoke with VentureBeat about problems with the 360 hardware, he said he did so because he "believes passionately in his work ... and in the Xbox 360 gamer community." Now, Delaware has been rewarded for that passion by being fired by Microsoft. Lest there be any doubt about Delaware's job performance, VB reports that a Microsoft manager told him it was as a direct result of aiding with the article.

The twist? Well, we're going to have to side with the giant corporation on this one. If Microsoft was still insisting that nothing was wrong, that would be one thing, but its decision is already hurting it both in the pocketbook and in the reputation department. Plus, Delaware even said he knew this was a possible repercussion of his actions. We hate for anybody to be out of a gig, but our advice to Delaware would be this: There's a reason some sources are anonymous, and it's not just so they can wear cool hats and hang out in dimly lit parking garages.

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