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HP trots out 10.4-inch df1000 / 3.5-inch df300a1 digiframes

Darren Murph

Don't look now, but HP just got official with two new digital photo frames that could barely be any further apart in terms of size. On the small side, we've got the 3.5-inch df300a1, which rocks a 320 x 240 resolution display (with a 400:1 contrast ratio) and has room for up to 45 pictures on the internal memory. If that's not enough, users can load up additional images by way of an SD / SDHC / MMC slot, and while the AC / USB power options are dandy, the 2-hour battery life on the rechargeable cell within is super-fine. Sitting tight on the other extreme is the 10.4-inch df1000, with 512MB of inbuilt storage (and its own USB port), a 800 x 600 resolution panel, two interchangeable frame mats, dual stereo speakers and support for video playback. You'll be looking at $59 for the little guy, $219 for the big one.

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