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Infinity Ward pegged to develop Call of Duty 6

Jem Alexander

These game announcements come earlier and earlier, don't they? No sooner had Call of Duty 4 come out than we started hearing rumblings of Call of Duty 5. Now, that game isn't even out and we're hearing word that Call of Duty 6 is already being planned. But Treyarch won't be at the helm, it'll be Infinity Ward working their magic. That's literally all we know about the game.

We're not sure whether Infinity Ward and Treyarch will keep alternating year-on-year, or whether Activision has so little faith in Treyarch that they're hedging their bets for 2009. The least we're hoping is that COD6 won't be set during World War II. Though it still boggles our mind that we're already talking about the game, when its predecessor hasn't even been released.

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