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Mega Man 9's press kit inspires more NEStalgia


Publishers don't normally show off glamour shots of their press asset discs, but such discs are rarely packaged like the one for Mega Man 9 is. The disc comes packaged in a reproduction NES cartridge, which comes with the Mega Man 9 "boxart" -- now on a real box. The back of the box even features the "Captain Commando" character (before he was redesigned for the SNES/arcade game) found on Capcom's early NES games like Gun.Smoke and Trojan -- and Mega Man, obviously. The details are what make the whole thing perfect.

Good news for non-press types: Capcom is considering selling a limited quantity of 200 or so online! In addition, the Mega Man 9 shirts will be available for sale soon. Get your money ready! Head past the break to see the terrible secret of the NES cartridge.


[Ghosts 'n Goblins box via VGMuseum.]

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