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SingStar's DRM is broken and needs to be fixed

Jem Alexander

So says Infinite Bits. While it may sound unlikely, this Infinite Bits writer (who long-time readers of PS3 Fanboy might recognise), had his PS3 sadly croak and had to redownload all his content again on his backup PS3. Not a huge deal, the PSN allows you to download content on up to five PS3s, right? Right. Except for SingStar. In fact, the DRM on that game is so restrictive that, short of opening another master account and rebuying the songs, there's no way of getting them back. Ever.

SingStar songs can only be grabbed once. If you lose it because your PS3 dies, or accidentally delete the file, you're pretty much screwed. The SingStore will think you already have it and won't allow any more downloads, or even purchases (should you be willing to pay again for the priviledge). You don't need us to tell you that this is flawed and broken and definitely needs fixing. SingStar's DLC is great, in terms of both quality and quantity, but suffers majorly from this single flaw. Make enough noise and hopefully this can be changed by the time SingStar Volume 3 comes out.

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