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Will Sony's PlayStation 4 have Blu-ray? Someone thinks not.

Darren Murph

Now here's something to get that noodle of yours thinking. While it's arguable that Sony's PS3 is the very best Blu-ray player out there for the money, at least one skeptic isn't so sure that the BD capabilities will even be on the inevitable PlayStation 4. Don Reisinger has stated that "Blu-ray is the LaserDisc of its time," which he explains by saying that "it's not nearly as useful as the DVD that it's trying to supplant, and the future is coming on so quickly that it may not have the time to cement itself in the industry before HD downloads become the next big thing." Of course, he's suggesting that digital downloads will make such a huge impact in such a short amount of time that a BD player on the PS4 will be nearly unnecessary. In reality, this argument is much more about the ability of BD to catch on before it's ran over by streaming video, but we suppose the answer to that could indeed have an impact on the PS4's positioning. Have a think -- do you follow this logic, or are you screaming "bollocks"?

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