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Telus and HTC bump S720 to Windows Mobile 6.1

Chris Ziegler

With Windows Mobile 7 on the horizon (presumably... no, hopefully), it's easy to lose sight of the fact that 6.1 updates are still going strong. Take for example Telus' S720, the CDMA version of the Vox -- a Standard handset with a penchant for high-efficiency texting. It's a bit of a dark horse in a world dominated by high-gloss badasses like the Touch Diamond, but it's still a totally serviceable device that's worthy of an update from time to time. What's more, this particular patch offers EV-DO Rev. A support and an improvement in "overall device functionality and stability," so it seems like a no-brainer for owners. Until they have a crack at something like the S740 on a GSM carrier, anyway.

[Thanks, Colin]

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