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ASUS and Skype launch dedicated AiGuru SV1 videophone


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Following in the dubious footsteps of Creative, ASUS just announced a dedicated videophone all its own. The AiGuru SV1 followup to the voice-only S1, enables virtually unlimited video calls without a computer -- a world's first to get a big thumbs-up from Skype. The SV1 packs an 800 x 600 pixel 7-inch LCD, integrated speaker and mic (or jacks for your own), a VGA-quality webcam, and connects to the Internets over 802.11b/g WiFi or Ethernet. It'll even run off battery for up to 20-minutes if absolutely necessary. Available for pre-order in Europe and North America today for a netbook-priced, $300 beans -- ships in October.

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