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From disgust to joy: new Samba de Amigo trailers


This Samba de Amigo trailer starts off badly. And by "badly," we mean terribly. For the first 34 seconds, it's just a bunch of bratty kids hamming it up with some of the worst having fun acting we've ever seen. The occasional glimpse of the game and that chimpanzee from an earlier video helps a little, but it's still fairly risible.

Then, the trailer totally turns it around, instantly grasping victory from the jaws of defeat. How? Because the chimp, for some unspecified reason, starts breakdancing. Suddenly, this becomes the best videogame trailer of 2008. Hit the jump for a second video featuring the simian handing out a thrashing to (and then planting a kiss on) Dad.

Source: Chimp beats puny man
Source: Chimp breakdances


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