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Warhammer launch day announcements, letter from Mark Jacobs

Michael Zenke

It's early on Warhammer Online's launch day, and we have a few last minutes tidbits of news to share with you on this auspicious morning. Mark Jacobs offered up a big, juicy community update just an hour before the game went live at midnight EST. Here are the highlights:

  • There's been a lot of community frustration with the dual-clickthroughs on every login. Every time a player logs into Warhammer, they're required to scroll down and click through both the game's Code of Conduct and End User License Agreement, something that the WAR bigwigs claimed was non-negotiable. It turns out that Jacobs was able to get that negotiated, and as a result players will 'only' have to click through the game's EULA when they log in.
  • The developers have been focusing heavily on client stability, in the wake of a Beta test marred a bit by crash-to-desktop issues. As the result of a recent patch, CTD issues have been "cut by 50%" according to the company head.
  • A small number of CE head start servers were just crushed by the number of people jumping onto them. The company is going to be dealing with these hard cases in a unique fashion: they're going to make complete copies of the server states to fresh hardware. Players and guilds can choose which of the two servers they want to play on, with their complete progress, guild names, and inventories intact.
Mr. Jacobs also put up a sort of touching letter to the community reflecting on the last three years of development. In his short piece he touches on some of the issues we discussed in our recent interview. Make sure to check out our conversation with Mark Jacobs for more reflection on the game's development.

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