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Funcom's product manager speaks out on Gaute Godager's departure

Shawn Schuster

With the recent news of Age of Conan's Gaute Godager departing Funcom so suddenly, many players want to know what happened exactly. As an original founder of the company and through 16 years of employment at Funcom, one can only wonder what this says about the company. So MTV Multiplayer was able to sit down to a short interview with Funcom's product manager Jorgen Tharaldsen concerning this sudden departure of Godager.

Tharaldsen is understandably positive about the new direction of the company under replacement game director Craig Morrison. He praises Morrison's work as a community manager at Funcom and as a game director for Anarchy Online. Yet he also touches on the legacy of Godager and what he has meant to the history of MMOs in general. Not much else is said about the reasoning behind Godager's departure (besides what Godager has already said himself), but Tharaldsen seems optimistic about the future of the company and Age of Conan.

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