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Resident Evil: Degeneration game infecting N-Gage

Jason Dobson

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Beware citizens, for it would appear that the T-Virus has mutated, and has now taken to resurrecting not only the recently deceased, but also mobile platforms thought long since dead. Or at the very least irrelevant. Gamasutra reports that Capcom is bringing a game based on its upcoming CGI flick, Resident Evil: Degeneration, to Nokia's N-Gage service, which (re)launched earlier this year and is available on multiple Nokia smartphones.

According to the report, the movie tie-in will feature two separate modes of play and 3D graphics designed to both show off the platform's capabilities and illustrate Capcom's "dedication to N-Gage," a fascination we imagine will blur the line between devotion and necrophilia when the title launches later this year.

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